Hello, we areWad Lab

We ideate, build and scale new businesses

Our mission.

At our heart, we’re entrepreneurs. Together, we build leading digital businesses that empower people and enrich communities. Wad Lab is a venture builder composed of a multidisciplinary group of entrepreneurs who create, build and launch new digital businesses.

At Wad we’re focused on creating disruptive B2C digital businesses focused by following a repetitive process and crafting an infrastructure that enables an efficient venture building process

We are Disruptors

We identify opportunities. We plan. We execute. We deliver. We get things done with the aspiration and riskiness of research and speed of a startup.

We are Innovators

We don’t expect people to think outside the box. We expect them to find a way to put wings in the box and make it fly. We make tough decisions and minimize complexity by simplifying.

We are Entrepreneurs

We approach projects knowing that will be messy, uncertain and non-linear because we are creating. Every day, we have new problems to solve — and new people to learn from.


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